Thursday, June 30, 2005

They always return to Everquest


runs as tomatoes and other various rotten vegetables fly at her through the air..

Wait! No! Just hear me out for a second! As you've probably already guessed by the title, I'm returning to Everquest. I gave World of Warcraft a fair shot, and though I did enjoy the game, something is lacking. I wish I could say exactly what it is, but I'm not sure. I do know that I don't know anyone who passes by me on the server. No one really makes friends for the long term. They group just long enough to get a quest completed and then their gone. Never to be seen again.

The graphics in World of Warcraft are wonderful. Different than most MMORPG's out there, but very good. I loved the colors, and in comparison Everquest 2 looked extreemly washed out and boring. Add to the fact that the gameplay in Everquest 2 was terribly lacking and that pretty much sums up why I was only there for a few months. World of Warcraft I played for a good 5 months.

My reasons for leaving World of Warcraft? The dynamics of the game just don't feel right to me. Its easy to solo. Too easy. That same thrill of "am I going to live or die?" just wasn't there. Once I killed one type of mob, I knew that I could kill that same mob a zillion times over. Once a tactic was down, it never faltered much. In EQ that simply isn't the case. Several different factors can change in a second. Not all mobs are equal, regardless of con color. You just never know what you might get. Sure its annoying. Do we yell and scream and throw an occasional keyboard? Hell yes! But that's half the fun of playing any MMORPG. If it doesn't make you angry sometimes, then it doesn't truelly make you happy either. You have to have that anger to keep you going. That frusteration level. And if there is anything that SOE is good at, it's keeping its customers frusterated! See? Perfect match! The game dynamics just FIT. As much as people bitch and complain about Everquest, I really have not found a game that is better. Tactics are IMPORTANT in this game. You can't run around and solo every mob and call yourself uber just because. You have to work at it. Sure, there's the powerlevelers and the losers in every game. I guess I just prefer knowing who they are. Its like still having love for your old neighborhood even though its run down and desolate. Its still comfortable. You feel like you belong.

Lately I haven't logged in to World of Warcraft at all. In fact, when I went to cancel my account (Yes! I did it!) it said I hadn't logged in since June 11th. That's almost 3 weeks! If I haven't logged in since then, I probably won't again. Just in case, our characters are saved on the server. If we ever decide to try it again. For now though, I've loaded EQ back up on the computer. If my computer would stop spontanously rebooting then perhaps I'd get done with the patcher sometime today.

So, you can find me on the Bertoxx server. Kerriana the dr00d with no pants still. (hopefully! If they haven't deleated my characters.. ooh I'll be steamed if they did) Tonight my dh is looking at all the new graphics in the newbie zones. He made a one week trial account and he's running around with all the old model graphics on because that account has no expansions on it. Its amazing what used to be considered great in gaming only 6 years ago. Laughable really! We get a good chuckle looking at the wood elves that people used to go gaga over and think were sexy. LOL

Well, theres my confession for now. We are, yet again returning to Everquest. No other game feels quite like home.


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