Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I have been suffering from allergies or something the past few days. I've been misrable. Stuffy, runny nose. Headache that just won't go away. (theres nothing new there though) Just feeling crappy. Ivy definatly is feeling whatever it is I'm feeling because her nose is runny as well. Damn it! I said I loved fall, not allergies!

The past week I've also been hormonal as all hell. I've been teary and emotional, and half the time not even making rational sense about what I'm upset at. I've been trying to blame it on my new medication. Levothyroxine has to have some side effects like that right? lol

Today is the big day that Chris promised he'd change the girls bedroom around. Giving them the bigger room, and me the smaller one. I'm excited because it will give me more space to put their clothes and whatnot. Small things excite me, what can I say?

PS. I've been trying to add all sorts of wonderful picture to my past few entries but for some reason it won't upload them. Oh it SAYS it uploaded it fine, but no picture shows up.

Witches Weekly:

Are there any symbols or symbology that are significant or special to you? (runes, shapes, symbols created by you) Why is it special to you?

I am really brought closer to the Goddess by moon shapes, circles, and crescents. The pentacle, and the numbers 3 and 7. Anything arranged in groups of 3 and 7 are wonderful!

What does your special place of worship look like? (altars, sacred space inside or outside) Can you provide a picture?

My altar is my home. =) Some things are around my desk and computer, and others are on shelves and the tops of dressers. Nearly every room has some sacred place set aside. There is a picture of one of my altars on the side of my blog. ;-)

How have these symbols and sacred spaces transitioned over time?

They are always changing! One of the biggest changes however is that my children now like to contribute to my altar. So much in fact, that they have their own special places and we've also made a family altar so all the members of the family can add things and not clutter up my own personal space. After hearing, "Just one more rock Mama! This one is VERY special!" I decided that we needed more creative space for all of us.

Years ago I wasn't comfortable with the pentacle. It almost brought about a sense of shame, because so many people around me looked down on those who wore them openly. I would often hide mine. Some years later after I effectivly "came out of the broom closet" I now wear mine with pride and joy. Its a very special and significant piece of jewelry I wear, and the many pentacles that are around my house remind me of my closeness with nature every day. One of the first words my youngest daughter said was, "star." =)

As I grow and change, so do my altars.

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