Sunday, July 26, 2009

Piper, Fall of 2008

I took this picture with my cellphone camera. It came out remarkably well.
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Surprise Photo Shoot Part 2

This picture is cute, except I hate pictures with the flash on. Its so harsh. Perhaps I can edit it and change it with the photo editor and mute it somehow.

This is my favorite. Getting Odin to sit still and look at the camera at the same time is rare. Only natural light was used, as you can see its not really enough lighting to do the picture justice. My camera is much better than it appears in this picture. The graininess comes from the poor lighting conditions. Live and learn! Still, I love this picture. I don't have professional pictures of all the kids together, so I'm really loving this one.

Yep I made her pose alone. She hated every minute of it, but at least I have a picture of her. ;-)

The lighting in the bedroom isn't very good, and my backdrop definitely has to be secured up better. But for deciding on a whim to catch a picture of all of them, its not half bad. If anyone knows Sierra, you know how difficult it is to get her in a picture at all! So I'm really glad I decided to subject us all to the very hot bedroom and snap a few.

Next time, different room. Better lighting, better backdrop adjustments, and I'll wash the girls feet. LOL
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Surprise Photo Shoot

On a whim I threw up a sheet and snapped a few pictures today. I didn't even bother to wash Pipers feet as you can see. And ya know what? I don't really care. This picture came out great!

Ivy- Four days shy of turning 6 years old.
Piper- 3.5 years old
Odin- 17 months old
(in the other picture) Sierra- 11 years and 1 month old.
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