Monday, February 14, 2011

Ivy lost her first front tooth!

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Sierra just ripped out my tooth! Oh my god!" her mouth was bloody and open in astonishment. For days she was filled with anxiety about her very loose front tooth. It interfered with sleep, school, eating, everything! Sierra was on her way outside when Ivy said, "Look at my wiggly tooth Sierra!" and Sierra said, "Want me to pull it out?" Ivy said sure. Sierra said, "Get a paper towel. Its going to hurt just a tiny bit, but it'll be super quick okay?" Ivy nodded. Sierra grabbed the tooth, wiggled it.. and twisted it super fast. And that led to the before mentioned "Oh my god's". So the lesson is, if you ask your big sister to rip out your wiggly tooth; you'd best be prepared to have it ripped out! The best part? She immediately has so much respect for her. She was now on a pedestal. Sierra was the IT girl for the day. Ivy had nothing but good things to say, and even defended her at dinner. hey might be okay after all..

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