Thursday, April 28, 2011

Odin and his new letters

Odin has had complete letter recognition for about 6 months now. He still misses a few numbers though and transposes some of both. He had always had a love of letters and numbers, and still carries foam bathtub letters around with him. Many have become lost or damaged, so today we bought new foam letters! He had a difficult time at dance class and grocery shopping, so I let him buy them. He tried really hard today and though he was crying and holding his ears, he managed to go potty with my help.

I'm proud of my little man today:) His world assaults him constantly, yet he still smiles.


  1. =) following you back from GFC!

  2. What a beautiful moment to capture!!

    You followed me on Twitter and I followed you to your blog. I'm glad I did! I love seeing a little insight into your world. Two of my boys have autism and it's a fascinating world to be part of!

  3. That's sweet that he loves those foam letters. He's so cute.

  4. Thanks for the follows! I hope you all continue to comment and leave feedback for me. :)