Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fear me! I'm very bad...

Gosh, that certainly took a while for me to get this blog up and running. Even with templates that have the blogger code already in them, it seems you still have to do a bit of coding yourself to "fix" everything that's there. Oh well. Such is life. I tried to find a simple way out of doing something, and I ended up doing most of it myself anyway. At least I can stop playing with it now, and actually get to posting.

So how many Wiccan mothers do you know? I know quite a few. Far more Wiccans that are childless though. It seems that a lot of people are scared to actually practice their religion, even though its protected by law. I know it took me years to come out of the "broom closet", and for no other reason than because I have a very uncaring, unkind, vindictive ex-husband. Come to think of it, aren't most ex-husbands like that? I always wanted the storybook ex. Happily helped you out with things, talked about the kids together, called for holidays and birthdays or just to say "hey".. but I digress.. No, I kept my Paganism to myself for years. I didn't keep my daughter away from it, but I didn't advertise what I was either. And now, almost 5 years after our divorce, he figures out that I'm not a christian like he thought I was. How he ever got that idea I'll never know.

He calls me a few days ago and asks about this "Pagan stuff." I asked him,"What do you want to know?" His wife told him all about Pagans it seems, and they are bad, very bad! I explained that it was an Earth religion that focused on the seasons and the elements. I told him how I believe in a male and female diety, as opposed to just one. He asked what kind of things we do at these "circles" I take my kids to. One of the kids being his daughter. I told him how we talk, eat food, recognize the season and the times and the moon, sometimes we do crafts and sing, etc.. Then he asked me what has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard. "Do you make voo-doo dolls like on the Blair Witch Project? Because I've been getting aches and pains lately and I'm wondering if..." Oh my Goddess! Did he actually just ask me that?! I couldn't contain my laughter. I just couldn't. I assured him that we don't do that sort of thing. I also told him I'd print him off some things that will explain it better to him. For instance, I didn't go into detail the difference between what a Pagan is, and what a Wiccan is. I figured I'd let Witchvox do that for me. So far there hasn't been any more questions, so perhaps he's grown up a bit in the past year. I can only hope so.

The baby is clawing at my shirt hoping I'll get the hint, so I'll end this for now.

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