Saturday, December 18, 2004


So far its been 2 1/2 days and nothing has happened on its own. No cramping, no bleeding, nothing. Its very frusterating to say the least. To know that everything is over, yet in some respects hasn't even begun! I thought I could wait out a natural m/c but I don't think that I can. On Monday I'm going to contact the doctor and schedule a D&C. He told me that they would put me completly out for it this time. The last time I was awake and could hear everything.. it wasn't pleasant. This time I'll be totally out.

For the most part there have been no more tears. Not to say I'm "over it" but I think I've dealt with it well. Now I just need to move on with my life, whatever happens.

My husband and I decided that it was a boy, though we will never know for sure because there won't be any chromosome testing done. So I've named him Justin, because thats the name that kept popping into my head since I found out.


  1. What a difficult time you must be going through! My heart and prayers are with you...

  2. Thank you for posting. :-)
    I'm hanging in there. Time heals. So many people have been thinking positive thoughts and prayers that I can't help but feel blessed through all this.