Monday, February 28, 2005

The Sickies

Yes, we are all sick. No no..not sick in the head. Well, okay maybe just a little. But I was referring to the hacking cough and the fevers. The migrains and the stiff necks. Yes, the whole family now has what my kids call, "The Sickies." Do you hear the sound of impending doom? Yup, those are the sickies. They might get you next you know...

So thats my reason for not updating lately. Alright! Fine! Of course I haven't been sick the whole month, but I've been really busy.

First, the car needs to be registered and inspected at the end of this month. The muffler is busted and needs to be replaced. We find out the muffler is a special one for California Emissions testing and it will cost over 800 dollars to fix it. Oh bummer. Then we find out its covered by warrenty still. Yay! Then we have it looked at again and find out that that "particular piece" isn't covered at all. Oh bummer. It will cost over 400 to fix it. Bummer again. So instead of trying to find the money to fix it, that we don't have... we found someone who would take the car for a trade in. The day before we went to trade the car in, my neighbor who I do not get along with backs into my car! Bummer or Yay? Turns out its a Yay! We traded the car in for a much better one. Its a 97 Pontiac Grand Prix so its much bigger than the little one we had. Everyone is so comfy in it! And the insurance agency calls and tells me they send out a check for 300 for hitting my car! The one I already traded in!

Many candles lit later, it all has worked out. For weeks I was pretty worried honestly. I just can't be without a car. Granted I don't drive it much myself, but I have to pick up my daughter every week. I NEED it.

So now we have a car, and Sierra was here for the week. I thought we might get to do some fun things. Course money is tight because we just spent the rest we had for the month on the car! Turns out we didn't need it anyway because Sierra gets sick only a day after she gets here. She got the flu. I somehow managed to get through the week with two sick kids, while feeling like crap myself.

As far as the doula business... I think I've almost lost count. I'm pretty sure its 12 births so far. Though my brain is starting to get foggy and run them all together.

Well, I gotta get something to drink... hot chocolate..that sounds good. Buckling down for the storm we're getting again tonight!

Oooh! The mail came! Guess what I got? The check from the insurance! Yay!

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