Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogger Freaks Out

I had a really long post here, but I tried to use the new picture adding tool and my template freaked out. I spent the last 5 hours fixing it. Word of advice, forget the new tool and keep doing pictures the way you were. Less headache.

I'll try to add my post from today, tomorrow.

*Edit* So guess what? It was all Bloggers fault! Yup, no surprise there really. What irratates me is that they couldn't even put up something on the page about there being an issue. I finally found out by searching for the problem I was having and was able to put in a bit of extra code to work around the Blogger issue. They said it would be fixed "soon." So hopefully these posts are coming through now instead of coming in waaaaay down....
.... there. --------> where they DON'T belong.
Gah! Hours wasted fixing something that wasn't my fault to begin with.

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