Monday, August 08, 2005


Omg I'm such an idiot. See? See?! Pregnancy brain has stuck already! I told you it would! It seems that the Comments for my blog have been disabled for quite some time now. No wonder you all were so quiet! I thought it was my lack of showering on a day to day basis that was driving you all away. (What?! Stop looking at me like that.. I was just kidding..) So anyway, I've enabled the comments once again, and uh.. for the past posts as well. Sorry about that! I'll try to keep my brain screwed in tighter!


  1. 'bout time, woman! I have been trying to post a reply for eons and thought it was my "blondeness" preventing me from seeing the link! Muwhahahahaha!!!

  2. I wondered what had happened to the comments! I thought you'd been getting a lot of spam or something! lol

  3. I thought that too! Yay we can comment again!