Friday, September 30, 2005

I decided that I needed a new look and feel to my blog, so I changed things a bit. Not too much, but enough to satisfy my rearranging bug. (I'm also known for moving where the couch is in the living room almost weekly) After a few snags this blog is finally presentable again, unlike my living room...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moving Thoughts

I recieved a letter in the mail the other day telling me that my name has finally gotten near the top of the waiting list for a housing development nearby! This is great news! Its time to do the paperwork, and approval stuff so that when a 3 or 4 bedroom opens up we'll be all set to get it. Technically low income housing, its still one of the best places around here. Two playgrounds on the property, and plenty of grass for the kids to play in. Every place has their own fenced in little backyard. Nothing huge or fancy, but a yard! In my mind I've already sectioned off a tiny piece of it so I can grow my own tomatoes and herbs. Mmmm... that will be so heavenly! I haven't had my own space outside to putter around in for, well.. almost 7 years!

There are a few down points. We will have to pay for our own heating, which is monitor heat. And they don't allow dryers, so we'll have to bring our clothes to the washing room and pay to dry them, or hang up a clothesline. I'll definatly be doing that in the warm months! Hell I'd do it now if there was a place to PUT a clothesline here.

So, I'm thinking it may not actually happen until after January because the woman said we'd qualify for a 4 bedroom. I'm assuming because we wouldn't move in until after this baby is born. Still, considering we were thinking about giving up on the place just a week ago... this is awesome! How have we moved from number 13 in line for the past 3 years... to close to the top?? My guess is that they are giving people only a week (like my letter said) to call them back or they take them off the list. Miss your letter? Forget to call? My gain!!

I'd be lying if I said my heart doesn't start to flutter just a bit when I think of moving. We've been here for 3 years. 3 LONG years with no yard at all. No place for the kids to go outside. How I long to be able to say, "Go outside and play!" to the oldest. And how much she wishes she could! And to be able to just let them go into the fenced in backyard and play... ahhhh happiness! I seriously think we'll all be so much happier with a bit more outside space to roam in.

So, please keep us in your thoughts. We have to pass a very strict application process that has me a bit nervous. They want our last 10 years of residence/history. Thats pretty impossible because we lived with family most of it. So the woman told me to have plenty of solid and positive family references. Umm... =( I don't speak to my family for a reason. Those who I do talk to, are ones I didn't live with! Sometimes having a small family really does stink. Who am I supposed to use as a positive reference for us? I don't want to lose out on this oppurtunity, but its almost like being honest won't work. How can I get into this place if I don't have family who is willing to help me?

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Last Summer Beach Rose

While we were at the beach for the last time in late summer, I found a bush of beach roses that were still fairly in bloom. The rose hips were so big that the girls thought they were apples! Beach roses are one of my favorite flowers, and they smell so nice!

I couldn't resist the temptation to take a picture of it. Since I couldn't get Bloggers upload picture to work for me, I decided to put it up here the old fashioned way. I hope you enjoy it. =)

Now that fall is almost here in full swing, I'll miss the beach walks and the sand. We'll probably still go a few times as its quite warm, but it offically won't be summer anymore. Oh! I thought I should mention that Chris and I are 99% sure that this baby girls name will be Piper Anastasia. I hesitated at first, but the more I hear it.. I absolutly love it. ;-) I'll post a belly shot as soon as I can crop my head out. Haha! =)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I have been suffering from allergies or something the past few days. I've been misrable. Stuffy, runny nose. Headache that just won't go away. (theres nothing new there though) Just feeling crappy. Ivy definatly is feeling whatever it is I'm feeling because her nose is runny as well. Damn it! I said I loved fall, not allergies!

The past week I've also been hormonal as all hell. I've been teary and emotional, and half the time not even making rational sense about what I'm upset at. I've been trying to blame it on my new medication. Levothyroxine has to have some side effects like that right? lol

Today is the big day that Chris promised he'd change the girls bedroom around. Giving them the bigger room, and me the smaller one. I'm excited because it will give me more space to put their clothes and whatnot. Small things excite me, what can I say?

PS. I've been trying to add all sorts of wonderful picture to my past few entries but for some reason it won't upload them. Oh it SAYS it uploaded it fine, but no picture shows up.

Witches Weekly:

Are there any symbols or symbology that are significant or special to you? (runes, shapes, symbols created by you) Why is it special to you?

I am really brought closer to the Goddess by moon shapes, circles, and crescents. The pentacle, and the numbers 3 and 7. Anything arranged in groups of 3 and 7 are wonderful!

What does your special place of worship look like? (altars, sacred space inside or outside) Can you provide a picture?

My altar is my home. =) Some things are around my desk and computer, and others are on shelves and the tops of dressers. Nearly every room has some sacred place set aside. There is a picture of one of my altars on the side of my blog. ;-)

How have these symbols and sacred spaces transitioned over time?

They are always changing! One of the biggest changes however is that my children now like to contribute to my altar. So much in fact, that they have their own special places and we've also made a family altar so all the members of the family can add things and not clutter up my own personal space. After hearing, "Just one more rock Mama! This one is VERY special!" I decided that we needed more creative space for all of us.

Years ago I wasn't comfortable with the pentacle. It almost brought about a sense of shame, because so many people around me looked down on those who wore them openly. I would often hide mine. Some years later after I effectivly "came out of the broom closet" I now wear mine with pride and joy. Its a very special and significant piece of jewelry I wear, and the many pentacles that are around my house remind me of my closeness with nature every day. One of the first words my youngest daughter said was, "star." =)

As I grow and change, so do my altars.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


I've been in the process of attempting to switch rooms with the girls. Sierra only uses her room during the weekends, and Ivy sleeps with me. Still I want them to have more space then they have right now. So, I decided to take the small bedroom and put them in the big one. Really, how much time do I spend in my bedroom anyway? They play in theirs, read, jump on the bed.. ya, they need more space than I do. Course, I didn't realize that the closet was a lot smaller than mine until after we switched all the clothes. Mine was much deeper. The one in the smaller room is obviously made to be a kids closet because adult clothes just don't fit in it well. Oh well.

I finally scored some awesome clothes for the new baby at Goodwill. I love to wait until they have their 99 cent sale. Sierra of course went straight to the shoe section where she picked out, yet another pair of high heeled shoes. We walked to the playground, only to find that they now lock it up when school is not in session. Really nice huh? Because I promised Ivy that we'd go to the playground, I had to walk across town to go to the other one. Boy is my poor back killing me!

We went to the beach the other day, one of our last beach trips of the summer. The girls looked for beach glass and pretty rocks, and surprisingly the water wasn't that cold. No one went swimming, but we all dunked our toes in. I took a great picture of a beach rose before we left.

Oh! My husband has been a week and 1/2 now without smoking! He's chewing niccorette gum (or generic alternative paid for by insurance) and he's doing awesome! I'm so proud of him.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hard Times

The hurricaine didn't hit us here, but we're still feeling it. The price of gas has risen so high that I've had to cancel all my appointments for this week. We simply cannot afford to put gas in our car. I'm glad that the grocery store isn't terribly far away, because we have to walk. In a way I enjoy that part. It gets us out and doing something enjoyable in the nice fall weather. I just don't like feeling trapped because of gasoline prices. It could be worse though. We could be trapped in 20 feet of water. <sigh>

I went to my OB appointment yesterday and everything looks good. I've gained 10 pounds since my last visit though. She said the 5th month is when all the gaining happens anyway, so its alright. My non maternity shorts have been put away however, because they are just too hard to get on and off. The time of the big belly is here! The babys heartbeat was between 140-150 and she let Sierra hold the doppler and try to help. She measured my belly and said it was at about 21 weeks which is right on track. Reviewed the ultrasound findings, which showed a perfectly normal baby girl. =)

Choosing a middle name this time around is hard! We still haven't settled on one. We definatly know she will be named Piper, but have been keeping it a secret from most people because we've already heard quite a few negative comments about it. Thats always a bummer, telling people your babys name and hearing, "Oh, well thats interesting I guess." and "Wow. You don't hear that often."

My nights have been nightmare filled the past few nights. I feel rested, which is strange.. but the dreams don't sit well. Its funny how something that plays in your head while you sleep can have such an impact on the rest of your day.

Sierra starts school on the 6th. Only a few more days of vacation left for her. She's already not looking forward to school. I hear constantly, "Why can't you homeschool me like you're going to homeschool Ivy?" When she found out that the complusory age of attendence here wasn't until 7, she flipped out. "WHAT?? You mean I could have stayed home all these years?!"