Friday, September 02, 2005

Hard Times

The hurricaine didn't hit us here, but we're still feeling it. The price of gas has risen so high that I've had to cancel all my appointments for this week. We simply cannot afford to put gas in our car. I'm glad that the grocery store isn't terribly far away, because we have to walk. In a way I enjoy that part. It gets us out and doing something enjoyable in the nice fall weather. I just don't like feeling trapped because of gasoline prices. It could be worse though. We could be trapped in 20 feet of water. <sigh>

I went to my OB appointment yesterday and everything looks good. I've gained 10 pounds since my last visit though. She said the 5th month is when all the gaining happens anyway, so its alright. My non maternity shorts have been put away however, because they are just too hard to get on and off. The time of the big belly is here! The babys heartbeat was between 140-150 and she let Sierra hold the doppler and try to help. She measured my belly and said it was at about 21 weeks which is right on track. Reviewed the ultrasound findings, which showed a perfectly normal baby girl. =)

Choosing a middle name this time around is hard! We still haven't settled on one. We definatly know she will be named Piper, but have been keeping it a secret from most people because we've already heard quite a few negative comments about it. Thats always a bummer, telling people your babys name and hearing, "Oh, well thats interesting I guess." and "Wow. You don't hear that often."

My nights have been nightmare filled the past few nights. I feel rested, which is strange.. but the dreams don't sit well. Its funny how something that plays in your head while you sleep can have such an impact on the rest of your day.

Sierra starts school on the 6th. Only a few more days of vacation left for her. She's already not looking forward to school. I hear constantly, "Why can't you homeschool me like you're going to homeschool Ivy?" When she found out that the complusory age of attendence here wasn't until 7, she flipped out. "WHAT?? You mean I could have stayed home all these years?!"


  1. boy, do I ever hear ya on the gas prices! we'll be clipping our wings and staying close to home too. :(
    I'm still thinking on middle names for ya sweetie. I love the name Piper just can't think of a middle name that fits your requirements LOL

  2. I think Piper is a lovely name. I am sure you will find a middle name you like. Best of luck.