Friday, September 16, 2005

The Last Summer Beach Rose

While we were at the beach for the last time in late summer, I found a bush of beach roses that were still fairly in bloom. The rose hips were so big that the girls thought they were apples! Beach roses are one of my favorite flowers, and they smell so nice!

I couldn't resist the temptation to take a picture of it. Since I couldn't get Bloggers upload picture to work for me, I decided to put it up here the old fashioned way. I hope you enjoy it. =)

Now that fall is almost here in full swing, I'll miss the beach walks and the sand. We'll probably still go a few times as its quite warm, but it offically won't be summer anymore. Oh! I thought I should mention that Chris and I are 99% sure that this baby girls name will be Piper Anastasia. I hesitated at first, but the more I hear it.. I absolutly love it. ;-) I'll post a belly shot as soon as I can crop my head out. Haha! =)

1 comment:

  1. Piper Anastasia ... I LOVE it! It couldn't be more perfect!!!!!