Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Moving Thoughts

I recieved a letter in the mail the other day telling me that my name has finally gotten near the top of the waiting list for a housing development nearby! This is great news! Its time to do the paperwork, and approval stuff so that when a 3 or 4 bedroom opens up we'll be all set to get it. Technically low income housing, its still one of the best places around here. Two playgrounds on the property, and plenty of grass for the kids to play in. Every place has their own fenced in little backyard. Nothing huge or fancy, but a yard! In my mind I've already sectioned off a tiny piece of it so I can grow my own tomatoes and herbs. Mmmm... that will be so heavenly! I haven't had my own space outside to putter around in for, well.. almost 7 years!

There are a few down points. We will have to pay for our own heating, which is monitor heat. And they don't allow dryers, so we'll have to bring our clothes to the washing room and pay to dry them, or hang up a clothesline. I'll definatly be doing that in the warm months! Hell I'd do it now if there was a place to PUT a clothesline here.

So, I'm thinking it may not actually happen until after January because the woman said we'd qualify for a 4 bedroom. I'm assuming because we wouldn't move in until after this baby is born. Still, considering we were thinking about giving up on the place just a week ago... this is awesome! How have we moved from number 13 in line for the past 3 years... to close to the top?? My guess is that they are giving people only a week (like my letter said) to call them back or they take them off the list. Miss your letter? Forget to call? My gain!!

I'd be lying if I said my heart doesn't start to flutter just a bit when I think of moving. We've been here for 3 years. 3 LONG years with no yard at all. No place for the kids to go outside. How I long to be able to say, "Go outside and play!" to the oldest. And how much she wishes she could! And to be able to just let them go into the fenced in backyard and play... ahhhh happiness! I seriously think we'll all be so much happier with a bit more outside space to roam in.

So, please keep us in your thoughts. We have to pass a very strict application process that has me a bit nervous. They want our last 10 years of residence/history. Thats pretty impossible because we lived with family most of it. So the woman told me to have plenty of solid and positive family references. Umm... =( I don't speak to my family for a reason. Those who I do talk to, are ones I didn't live with! Sometimes having a small family really does stink. Who am I supposed to use as a positive reference for us? I don't want to lose out on this oppurtunity, but its almost like being honest won't work. How can I get into this place if I don't have family who is willing to help me?


  1. Don't worry, someone will come through for you, they always do =)