Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh Really?

Friday I picked up Sierra from her gymnastics class as usual. I was waiting for her to put on her shoes (ever so slowly) when one of the women who works there came up to me and started talking.

"I know you're not Sierra's mother but.."

I raised my eyebrow at her and said, "Excuse me? I most certainly am her mother. The other woman you see is her step-mother. I am her mother." It was obvious she was confused. She blinked several times with her mouth open and mumbled, "but.." Then the backpaddling began.

"Of course you are! I mean, just look at you! You both look so much alike! I can't believe I made such a faux pas! Oh, um... I don't believe we've met. I'm ___" I shook her hand. "And I'm Sierra's mother."

"Well Sierra, why don't you show your mother where your papers are, and.."
"She already knows where they are! She's been here before." Sierra says.

"Oh, well.. do you get to see Sierra much? Because she's so great at gymnastics. She's kind to the other girls and cheers them on without anyone telling her to. I think thats just great! Do you get to see her do her routines often?"

Sierra rolled her eyes and said, "I do them all the time at my mothers house in the living room. Of course I see my mother."

Finally the woman walked away. Never have I been so uncomfortable in my life. No, I take that back. I'm always uncomfortable there. I'm surrounded by PTA going, soccer moms and I just don't fit in with that. Its not me. Whenever I pick her up at school the same type of women are there. The competing type. <shudder> I can think of nothing I hate more than being around those types of people.

Okay, only one thing is worse... being around those types of people, feeling out of place, and then being told I'm not my daughters mother.

Later I was angry about it. I decided that my ex husband must have written his wifes name down in the "mother" line when they signed her up for gymnastics. He did that with the school before. Completly left me off the paperwork whatsoever and put his new wifes name as her mother. Not cool. I talked to him about it then, and fixed the paperwork myself.

This time, since it was happening again.. I was not going to be happy. Instead he told me that the paperwork was filled out correctly this time and that he thought I was right. It was disrespectful to not put my name, or at least put her name on the wrong line. At least acknowledge I'm her mother ya know? I explained what happened at gymnastics and I guess the woman that was rude is usually a bit "off" to everyone. He apologised and assured me that everyone else there is fully aware that I'm her mother. The conversation went a lot better than I expected it would. Of course, being the pessemistic woman that I am, I'm already waiting for the other shoe to drop now.

I also did find out that I didn't get an invitation to Sierra's open house at school. Then I remember, I'm not her mother.. so why should I be invited? <grrr...grumble...>

Divorce makes such a mess out of things sometimes.


  1. ^ I think you've been spammed

    It sucks that that women didn't realise you were here Sierra's mum. I wonder what she was going to say "I know you're not Sierra's mum but boy you look alike! You could be her aunt!" or "I know you're not Sierra's mum but as long as you're not kidnapping her you're fine to take her home".

  2. Actually, she finally did finish what her sentence was *going* to be. "I know you're not Sierra's mother, but I wondered if you could tell her mother that someone from your town comes down here on the same days so maybe they could bring her home for you instead of you driving down here."

    Course, it does me no good since my ex husband and I are not from the same town. Besides, her gymnastics is only 5 minutes from where I live. I did do the good ex wife thing and pass the message on.