Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Ribs are Not a Punching Bag

This babe has been turning around daily. During the day she's sleeping, and at night when I'm sitting and would love to relax, she turns around and starts jamming things into my ribcage on the right side. My ribs are so sore now. I know, this always happens in pregnancy but I was hoping that because she wasn't doing it, perhaps I'd get lucky this time? (stop laughing at me) Unfortunatly she is kicking, poking, proding, and generally making my right side very uncomfortable. But at least she's moving.

Earlier today I started to get that panicky feeling because I hadn't felt her move nearly all day. I even tried laying down and changing positions, etc.. and she wasn't moving. Finally I just starting trying to move her with my hands. After about 10 minutes of me manipulating the bulge in front of me she finally started kicking me back. Relief soon turned to pain, because she hasn't stopped moving since. Still I am relieved.

Tomorrow I go for my third ultrasound to make sure things are okay in there. They think the baby might be growing a bit too fast and too much. They want to know how big she is now, how much fluid is in there, and how well my placenta is working. Since I'm measuring 2 weeks over still, I think they're thinking I might be further along than they first thought. We'll also get to see and make sure its still a girl we're having. I really hope so because I have no gender neutral clothes. People just don't seem to give them to us, only "pink" and "purple".

I'll update tomorrow on the condition of my uterus. ;-)

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