Saturday, November 12, 2005

Other Women Suck Monkey Balls

Why do other women feel the need to be "concerned" about my husband? Why do they talk to him nonstop until I step into the room, or until I login? As soon as I do, they stop talking. Like they were talking innapropriately or something. They aren't, because I was sitting there the whole time. I could hear everything that was said. Yet these women want to make me think they are flirting. I guess my husband forgot the memo on that one! He's as perplexed as I am about the situation.

The woman online who was all up his ass for two weeks, and he addmittedly was grouping and talking with her because he was up late with insomnia and she was there... suddenly has started acting strange. I started talking with her and we both grouped with her. (we're talking about a roleplaying game online if you don't undertand. Everquest 2) She was a complete and total flake! Everything that usually annoys the both of us about other people in a group- SHE DID! Started to make me wonder why he ever wanted to group with her in the first place! He tells me she wasn't like this before. So why now? Is she trying to drive me away so she can go back to having him to herself? As a test, I logged out. Dh logged in another character. Immediatly she sent him a tell asking him questions. "How are things with your wife?" "Whats going on at home?" Strange things like that. He says he doesn't know why she's fishing so bad. He blew her off and logged out pretty discusted. Seems she only wants to talk to him and be a normal person when I'm offline. Hmmm... Very interesting.

I've come to the conclusion that I hate other women. Sure, it might be that I'm pregnant and cranky..but ya know what? Who fucking cares?! My territory. My life. My man. Back off.


  1. Is it possible that they think that you'll think it's inappropriate that they're talking to your husband?

  2. Possibly. But how could they even know that if they've never met me, or know how I would react to a given situation. Doesn't that just make them paronoid, or walking around with a guilt complex? Or even, guilty of something in their own mind?