Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Pregnancy Ticker

I am so tired of doing the math every day to remember how far along I am and how much further I have to do. I hereby do submit to the pregnancy ticker. They say I can put it on my desktop but I'm not sure how, so I'll just put it here.

I had my 30 week appointment the other day and just as I thought, I've gained another 5 pounds. I'm also measuring 2 weeks ahead instead of only 1 now. So, we get another ultrasound! Which of course is making everyone else happy, and secretly me because I'm scared they didn't get the sex correct. One more crotch shot could only reassure me at this point! They are concerned because the baby seems to be very big at this point, with still another 2 months to go. They want to check the bloodflow to the placenta and see the babys position. I think she is still transverse, and occasionally breech. I'd be surprised to hear head down at this point because the kicks are still very low. I think I get elbowed in the belly button more than kicked there.

My grand total weight gain so far has been about 35 pounds. And yes, with 2 months to go I'm sure I will gain a lot more. Not much I can do about it though. I'm excerisizing and eating normally. They have me on thyroid medication, iron supplements, and Priolosec for acid reflux. They redid my bloodwork the other day but I haven't heard back yet.

The good news is that there are only 2 OB's at the practice now. The one I saw for the most appointments, whom I keep waiting to see again... has left! I guess I can stop waiting huh? There only remains the woman who made me feel like shit because I gained 10 pounds, and another woman who I like a lot! (why is it always that way?) She's the one who suggested an ultrasound and stressed to me that they are concerned about my weight because of the baby and not because of me. They are wondering how big this baby is, or how much fluid I have, etc.. not that I'm just a huge fat whale. Thats a relief! So, we go for another ultrasound next week and hopefully all is well.

Things here at home have been.. rough. Much much better now, but for the past two weeks dh and I have been fighting horribly. Not physical throw-you-down-on-the-floor fighting, but the angry hateful kind. He's been ignoring me, and talking online to other girls.. and I'm pregnant, hormonal and insecure. Not a good combination! It was a difficult two weeks and I honestly wasn't sure we'd make it through, but we did.

Well, I'm off to see if Everquest 2's new patch made things better or worse. More later!

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