Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Summer Solstice! (Midsummer, Litha, etc)

Ivy and I said good morning to the sun outside our window when we woke up. We dressed in bright yellow clothes and made pictures of the sun on paper, using dried flowers for the rays of light. We made up a song and sang it all day long. This was the chorus. "The sun is hot and its in the sky. It means that it is summertime. Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Summer Solstice!" We picked out a sweet smelling incense and burned it while we read books from the libraray about summer.. Summers Vacation, (wonderful pagan books!) Earth Mother, (beautiful!) Summertime, and Circle Unbroken. We had snacks of apples, bright colored oranges, and sunflower seeds. And then we called and emailed people we loved to wish them a happy Summer Solstice.

How did you celebrate?

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