Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sierra's 8th Birthday Party

Here is the awesome cake the girls and I made for Sierra's 8th birthday party! It will go down in history as the most messed up, falling apart cake EVER. Sierra giggled the whole time. Our guests said it tasted good though. LOL

I decided that if we couldn't have the party we wanted to have, due to most everyone not showing up... then we'd have a backwards party where Sierra helped me with all the arrangements including the making of the cake. She did her own decorations too. I think it worked out well. It took a few minutes to get over the looks of judgement from out guests, but they were kind. The girls had fun doing it, which was the point. Here's a close up of the "falling apart" portion of the cake. No one took a bite out of it, it just looks that way. LOL
I have found out in all of this, that my true calling is not a baker.

Our group photo shot of most of the people at the party.

The birthday girl! She made out pretty well with clothes, not too much *stuff* but thats okay because we don't need extra stuff. We did an arts and crafts project with all the kids, they made bookmarks with foam and shells, feathers, felt, markers, glitter, etc.. all that messy stuff they enjoy! She seemed happy and that was the ultimate goal of any birthday party. I just wish they weren't so stressful!

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