Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Brings Change

Spring is finally here. I'm choosing to ignore the fact that there was a snow storm yesterday and another 6 inches of snow on the ground. Really. Lets just pretend that didn't happen m'kay?

I've been waist deep in the middle of some massive spring cleaning. Not just cleaning, but decluttering. Why? Because we've decided that enough is enough. I'm tired of this apartment. We've been here for five years. Third floor, no yard. Three kids. You do the math. We've had trouble with other tenants in the past few years with "noise" the kids make. Normal playing on the floor noise. Toddler learning to walk noise. Nothing we can prevent. Its really impacted my life and the way I parent negatively. I don't want to keep repeating over and over again, "Please walk softly." "Don't use the car on the floor hun. On the rug." "Don't play with that toy there, its too loud." Blah blah blah repeat. I want them to be able to PLAY. You know, the things kids are supposed to do. And that just can't happen here.

To make matters worse, we've had a roof rat infestation and bed bugs from the neighbors. Management knows and has done nothing to help. Nothing. My cats are killing rats daily and its grossing me the fuck out. I can't walk in my house without shoes on because there are so many holes in this damn place I'm afraid of rats popping out all the time. Yes, we need to move.

We decided to put an application in to the low income housing complex in town. It really is a beautiful place. Dh's sister lives there so that will be nice for us. Playgrounds, grass, sidewalks. 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, ground floor with an upstairs, back yard fenced in. Grassy hills to play on, sled on. The local swimming area is a 5 minute walk down the street. Its perfect for us.

We were on the waiting list before, and we turned it down because we would lose our current subsidy and that scared me. We worked hard to get it, and though the housing has its own subsidy it doesn't carry over. Its only good while you're there. I imagine we'll be there a long time though. Its a great place. From what I can tell we'll be number 6 or so on the list. Last time we were 25 or so and our name still came up, so I'm hopeful it won't be too long. My goal is to move in 2007. Cross your fingers and hope positive that our wait on the list will be short! We need this move so much!

So thats a large reason I've been decluttering. The prospect of moving has me happy to get rid of things to make it easier on us. Salvation Army is coming Monday to take away 2 tv's and 16 bags of kids and adult clothing ripped from our closets. All the saved clothes from my kids. Gone! Really. I don't need that many. I saved the really nice stuff that I might use for another baby someday, and sentimental things. Everything else got the boot. My bed got the boot to the dump as well. Whatever was biting us is only in the bed room. I don't know if its the bed, but we got rid of it all the same. We're all sleeping on the futon in the living room now and have been bite free all week. Lets hope it stays that way. The bedroom is closed off and nearly empty so whatever it is stays there. I hope.

The above pictures were taken on Saint Patricks Day at my sister in laws house. The family and my gorgeous babies.

Someone please tell the snow its time to go. Happy Ostara!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Look For My Blog

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. (sorry x-DH I know you're disappointed) I have been busy trying to find a new template that works with the new Blogger since the beta-thats-no-longer-beta broke mine. And finally, here it is! Yes I know I could have used one of Bloggers templates, but none appeal to me.

A real post coming soon. I'm off to nurse DD back to sleep.