Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm Shocked.

I peed on this February 26th, 2009. Exactly 5 days ago.

Really, do I need to add words here? I am absolutly still in shock. In fact, I'm not quite convinced honestly. We literally DTD only a few times in the past YEAR. I know I know, you can get pregnant from doing it once... but still! What are the odds? I'm nursing on top of it, my cycle is irregular, and we have infrequent sex. I guess this baby really wanted to be here! O_O And thats the first time I've made reference to "the baby." Gosh, Odin just turned a year old! I wasn't ready for this so soon. I was really enjoying his babyhood!
No symptoms of anything so far. I'm not even sure when my last period was except it was sometime in the beginning of January. Ya I know, that would put me close to two months along already. Its a good thing I don't drink, drug or smoke huh?!

Looks like an October baby. I always wanted an October baby. Did I say yet that I wasn't ready? Whew...

I'm gonna take another HPT to be sure before I make appointments. Though I'm not sure why. This HPT had two lines before the test was even finished going across. LOL I really thought it would be negative too. A surprise pregnancy! Baby #5, pregnancy #7.

I don't believe it yet.
Gosh this makes getting a van a SUPER priority now! Yikes.

*breathe* It will be okay. You always wanted a large family....
I know BUT..
I'm not telling anyone anyway. I told Tabitha and thats it. I mean, honestly? No one cares and everyone else would be so against us having ANY children let alone #5. LOL I gave up getting their love and support a long time ago.

Okay rant off... this wasn't supposed to be that kind of blog day.
I just wanted to share that our family size looks like its increasing!
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