Monday, June 29, 2009

Its been a rainy June and goodbye Michael Jackson

Sierras 11th birthday. (obviously) We got her some clothes, a hair straightener, earrings, some big thick purple bath towels, and a new purple BMX freestyle bike with pegs on it. The exact kind she wanted. I wasn't going to get it for her because when I asked what she wanted she didn't say a bike until a few days before her birthday. But Chris couldn't resist a moment to do something daddyish. ;-) She had a party but not many friends came. I think it was just poor planning on her part and late inviting. She had a sleepover with Skye, Ashley, and Danielle was there for the party.

We've been babysitting for a friend this summer and its been interesting to say the least. Two autistic children don't always get along well. Thats all I'm gonna say about that. LOL

We've been cooped up inside a lot this summer because its rained most of June. There have been a few semi-nice days but not many.

Its been an odd week in history. Farrah Fawcet died of cancer. Ed Mcmahon died. Billy Mays died. And Michael Jackson died. So many people in the public eye, it stopped the world for a few seconds. The internet traffic was so heavy after the news of MJ, that it almost ceased to work altogether. The cause of death is still unknown. Some people are happy, having pegged him a pedophile. Others are moarning and in grief. The black community has lost an icon. The music industry has lost an influencial singer, dancer and coreographer. MTV and all the channels have been running tribute shows that show his songs and music videos. So my children got a chance to watch them last night, having never seen them before.

Ivy is now infatuated with his "Thriller" video and both girls made me tape the show and so far today its played 6 times. Ivy dances in MJ style and they both gasp and giggle about the zombies. I find it so odd that my children are seeing this video for the first time because of his death. In his death, my children are experiencing joy at watching him dance and sing.

My thoughts are with the Jackson family as they sort through this tragedy. As they are with all the families of the other public figures that passed away this week. May they find peace in the afterlife that they were not able to find here on earth..

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