Monday, December 21, 2009

Introducing Persephone Jade (PJ)

The last picture of me before induction began. 39 weeks.

I was induced October 27th at about 10am. They broke my water and let my body take it from there. I was confident labor would progress on its own, and it did! There were a few points that the nurses were miffed that I wasn't in enough pain they said, and talked about using Pitocin. I said no way! Just because I'm on the computer and laughing and joking doesn't mean things aren't progressing! I just have a higher pain tolerance for labor.

I had the laptop in front of me and updated constantly.

Anastasia Quill

Anastasia  Okie dokie... I'm leaving for realz this time. Its late, and I gotta get up early. After I shower and shave everything tomorrow, the hopsital better let me come and have a baby or I'm gonna be pretty angry... LOL

October 27 at 12:14am 

AnastasiaBirthing center is making me call them back at 9:30. Figures! Actually got up and showered and everything is set here at home. Bah.

AnastasiaWhoohooo! I got the laptop working here! All is well on the labor and delivery floor. They broke my water and contractions are picking up. Its all a waiting game now. I'll keep ya posted!

October 27 at 1:39pm

Anastasia Things are still going well. No baby yet. Fish chowder was good though! LOL

October 27 at 4:56pm

Anastasia Quill

Anastasia 3 cm's left to go. Come on baby! I ordered room service before they closed at 7 just so I'd have something to eat later... cause I'm good like that. LOL

October 27 at 6:48pm

Anastasia  My husband is having a hard time with things tonight. LOL I feel bad for him actually. He's tired, in pain, and just seems to be a bit fuzzy in the brain. I ♥ him so very much though. :)

October 27 at 8:50pm

Anastasia  8 cms! Making good progress. I feel like I have facebook fans cheering me on. LOL

October 27 at 9:14pm

Anastasia Alright... taking a POLL people! Will this baby be born in the next two hours and be here on October 27th, or after midnight and on October 28th??? Voting starts... NOW!

October 27 at 10:15pm

Anastasia Why is narcotic pain relief considered pain relief? It doesn't take away any pain at all. It just turns me into the chick that had a few beers at the hospital. LOL this birthing stuff is funny

October 27 at 11:07pm

Anastasia gonna try out the tub for a few minutes. Baby should be here soon.

October 27 at 11:35pm

Anastasia Persephone Jade was born October 27th at 11:48pm. We are doing great :)

October 28 at 12:28am

 Anastasia Quill

Anastasia Persephone is 19.5 inches long and 8 lbs 11 oz with a 14 3/8th inch head size.

October 28 at 1:14am

Anastasia Quill

Anastasia  Pediatrician came, all is good with the baby. Eating my breakfast now.

October 28 at 8:51am

Anastasia  Persephone Jade. My blurry cellphone picture. LOL


Anastasia I slept past lunch?! Oh I don't think so! I'm having that turkey club sandwhich!

October 28 at 2:50pm

Anastasia  Internet went down for awhile. That was a bummer. Staying here for the night so they can do the PKU testing on the baby. We'll be going home early in the morning cause I miss my other babies! :) waiting for dinner now.

October 28 at 6:30pm

Anastasia  My hubby is taking a shower, and I'm watching Ghost Hunters and thinking about re-heating my dinner and eating it. Beautiful baby girl is sleeping on the bed. Much better mood she's been in today. I ♥ her.

October 28 at 8:06pm

Anastasia  Chris is sleeping, and so is the baby. I have to wake her up and feed her so they can do her hearing test again. She keeps failing in one ear. They're doing vitals at 11 tonight, so its pointless to go to sleep before then. But man... 3 hours of sleep for the past 72 hours doesn't feel that great...

October 28 at 10:17pm

Anastasia Baby girl sucks her thumb! The first one to do that. ♥ I'm gonna have to wake Chris up so he can put her to sleep for the hearing test. She wants nothing to do with sleep as long as food is nearby. (me) Boy am I tired..

October 28 at 11:39pm

Anastasia We're home and settling in. The kids are meeting their new baby sister ♥

October 29 at 3:03pm

I never did make the jacuzzi.  Look at the time stamp from the last update on facebook to her time of birth. Literally my entire labor I was on the computer. LOL It was a good distraction. But boy did it make the nurses mad.

Our first picture together. The OB took it.

 Persephone nursing for the first time.

Hanging out in the isolate for a few. 

One of the hospital pictures.

A few days old at home. PJ has the most wonderful disposition even now at almost two months old. Even after our bout and hospitalization with H1N1. But thats another post! Hopefully I'll write a better birth story soon. Things are kinda crazy with FIVE kids. Whew.

Merry Yule! Happy Solstice!
Welcome to the family Persephone Jade!


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