Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Piggy Braids

This was Ivy's hairstyle for school today. Braids are done nearly every day because its the one hairstyle that doesn't come out no matter what she does. All my girls are so active that I have to give them styles that have holding power. And usually hair spray as well. Today we did a variation on the traditional double french braid, and instead of braiding down we put them in pigtails and then braided the rest as well. I think it came out super cute!
The bottom left side is a tad bit bumpy, but we were running out of time so I left it that way. If she would keep other pretties in like flowers, or bows, I would put those in her hair as well but usually they end up getting crushed in her backpack. Overall this hairstyle was super cute and super easy. It only took about 8 minutes to complete.

Smile and say "Cheese!" Ivy. :)

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