Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Persephone at 16 months old

Persephone Jade looking outside at the snow,February 2011. 16 months old with a head of curly dark hair and blue eyes. Words she says, "What?" "Ma" and various other forms of screeching, screaming and shrieking. Walks, runs, climbs up stairs, off a king size bed, uses a form and spoon while eating, prefers her sippy cup instead of her bottle but still uses a bottle at night. Sleeps with Mama, Daddy and big brother every night. Averages 10 hours of sleep, and another few hours during the day. Favorite foods: most everything! She eats more than Odin does, and just about as much as Piper and Ivy! Loves gummies, bananas, noodles, cereal, juice, apples, yogurt, ice cream, and a million other foods! At 12 months old she weighed 20.2 lbs and was 28 inches tall. So I imagine she's a bit more than that now, but not by much. She can still wear size 12 month clothes, and the arms and legs on 18 months are a little too long. She's my shortie! She's peed on the big girl potty a few times (with me holding her of course) but otherwise is obviously not ready to potty learn. She is happy to poop and play at the same time still. lol
She laughs and giggles and has such an animated face. (even when not pooping lol) When it comes to talking ... well, she doesn't talk much, and we're keeping an eye on that because of my kiddos past history. She's just started humming when we sing though! She can follow a two step command, and I know for a fact her receptive language is off the charts! She's so smart! But we are getting a little tired of the screams to communicate. And the pushing. She gets between me and whatever I'm doing and pushes me away from it. Its annoying! So... even though I never entered the 20th century with blogs for each of my kids.. this post will have to suffice for now. I love you Persephone Jade! <3>

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