Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My children are pretty good looking..

My car is broken and my kids are puking, but here's my update anyway. I've been playing around with Picasa and trying to get a good collage maker, but it seems this one is a bit limited. Oh well. It was fun to work with. I was hoping to be able to use a grid instead of using the picture photo pile way, but I guess you can't size the pictures in any other template so photo pile way it is. Let's see, anything else of mundane news? Did I mention a broken car? The strut and shock finally went in the van so we are temporarily without wheels. But its okay, because we have a big screen tv now! (Its not okay but I'm trying to deal with my anxiety by saying it is) So as you can see by the above pictures, we were going to go have our family picture taken yet again, and I caved in and we canceled. I just can't deal with paying that much money and watching them throw away pictures of my beautiful babies because I can't afford another few hundred. So I threw up a sheet and got my phone and started taking some pictures to make myself feel like less of a failure. The Iphone4 takes pretty good pictures, but I haven't printed any yet to see just how good the resolution would be. Of course nothing beats my regular camera for that. (I can dream to get a *real* camera someday, but alas.. that is a dream)

I do however have some awesome picture taking skills that I Hope to someday put to good use. Until then I will have fun taking pictures of whatever i can. :)
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