Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paying attention to the little things

Sometimes pictures are capable of manipulating the memory into what we wish the whole moment felt like.

In reality, this was only a mere 3 seconds in time. Before and after the picture they were screaming, struggling and beating each other up. It was close to a bloody mess on my couch. Suddenly they both stopped and relaxed. Odin spaced off and Persephone was listening to a commercial on tv that had music in it. (music always calms her)

For that brief moment, they looked so serene and loving. I'm glad I was able to capture it, even if it only lasted a minute.

After all, aren't some of life's greatest things limited in time? Rainbows, orgasms, that first bite of a delicious meal, the smell of a newborn baby, true new car smell, your first crush, and a spotless house with five kids..

Today I'm going to try very hard to notice the little things. Cute photo op's with the kids, when my husband makes that attempt to show me love, when Piper tries to tell me about her day at school and when Odin snuggles in my neck and whispers over and over,
"What buddy?"
"I love you."
"I love you too buddy."
"I love you so much Mama."
"I love you so much too buddy."
"You're my best buddy"
"you're my best buddy too"
"What buddy?"
"I love you Mama."
"I love you too buddy"
No matter how long it goes on, I will remember to cherish those words. Some parents might never hear their autistic child say them, and mine can. And does! So today I will try hard to remember that my children with autism are not trying to annoy me with their continuous statements and rigid sentences. The underlying thought is, I love my mom and i want her to know. How can I not be touched by that?

These pictures are more than cute moments. They are my motivation to be a better mother and a better person.


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