Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Mini Lady Gaga & the screen protector

Our screen protector came today! I'm so happy! We took it out of the box and it was generously packaged in
bubble wrap. As you can see Odin took to the bubbles and completely covered himself in them! 10 minutes later he is still wrapping and rolling, stuffing and laying on it. Seems so odd to me because it's so loud! Yet that sound he is ok with! (and it's driving me crazy listening to it!)

We're waiting for daddy to come back from picking up Peach at preschool and then we'll put this new screen protector on our tv. We bought the tv about a month ago and we've been saving it ever since. Stressful! And we aren't in the position to just buy a new one if the kids break it. We would have nothing for a long time. I can't justify buying a flat screen for no reason. I was shocked to find out that these tv's break easily! What?! Ack! *dove across the house to save or from a Tonka truck again. I started researching a solution and found that a zillion people sell screen protectors. Finally, at 3 am I decided on one from and after a large amount of money, my husband bought it.

Review coming shortly! We have 5 kids, four of them are 7 and under.. Two of them are autistic, and ADHD, and 3 have anxiety disorders. One has a cognitive disorder, another has speech and articulation disorders. They all love to dance and move around and use my house like a playground. So this screen protector has GOT to be good. I'll let you know how easy it was to install and any issues we find, in my review. Boy I can't wait to put it on!

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