Monday, November 28, 2011

Handmade Yule ornaments

The kids had fun stringing beads onto wire yesterday and bending them into shapes. PJ and Odin were phenomenal at it too! I was impressed. Ivy tried but kept getting frustrated and dumping the bead bowl, and Piper has a hard time making any craft that wasn't her idea in the first place. Eventually she asked me to finish hers for her. But Odin stood there holding his "circle" for two hours while we put the Yule tree up and fought with the lights that were clumped together and not all working. Every strand only half lit.

Anyway, I wanted to post our craft project and show how we decorated our tree this year. So far anyway, with a month left we have a lot of time to decorate still. :) I have decoupage ideas in my head to spruce up our old balls. (the Beavis and Butthead in me is laughing right now) it seems like such a waste to buy ornaments so this year we're going green and making or repurposing items to make ornaments.

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