Friday, January 11, 2013

Persephone is decorating

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"Persephone is having way too much fun with panty liners.XD yesterday she was wearing them on her forehead. Today the wall. #NothingIsSafeFromKids"

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Monday, January 07, 2013

A Shift

I've been noticing something is different in our family lately. It changed slowly. It wasn't overnight or anything, but still its so different it makes me take notice. We used to be able to buy things for "the kids."  Lately though they have all wanted to be seperate from each other. Unique individuals. (I know I shouldn't be shocked but I am) After years of having babies that didn't care one way or another if they were lumped into a group.. they suddenly care! Its not one size fits all anymore.

I feel what I imagine the husband on Sister Wives feels like. Overwhelmed sometimes with the amount of attention that has to be given. Everyone wants a slice of the pie. Of course they were demanding as babies but it was somehow more generic.

Now their personalities seem to have really come together and they're emerging as different people. Who would have thought! (this parenting stuff is like a mind trip sometimes XD)

Sierra loves zebras still (thank goodness) and the color green. She's more of a girly girl now, at least in how she dresses. She wears make up and buys pretty underwear. Sometimes I can't believe how old she is. When did my baby turn into a teenager? The time flies so fast. She still loves all things sour, and hates super sweet things. The past year I've watched her become concious about her weight. She shouldn't be of course, she's not overweight at all. I remember being the same age and feeling the same way though. I wish I could go back in time and love myself and my body more. All I can do is encourage her to love herself just the way she is.

Ivy loves pigs and vampires. She has added new interests in other things like king Tut. She asked for a guitar for Yule this year and she wants lessons from grandpa. She likes to write in her journal when she's upset. She still doesn't really enjoy arts and crafts much, but she loves games. Right now all the kids are into Minecraft. It's on all our phones, tablet and computer. We even are buying an Xbox just so they can play on the big tv.

Piper loves arts and crafts of all kinds. She is so like me as a child. (I think it's why we clash sometimes :) she likes zebras she says. Sierra hates being copied. Piper likes princesses and fairies. Her Yule present was oddly enough a baby alive doll. I have no idea why she wanted it, but she did. She's into Minecraft as well, and likes to do her own thing. She plays imaginative games with the others and its so fun to watch the. Interact with each other. It reminds me of my cousins and I.
She likes the color pink. She likes playing with friends. She likes creating things.

Odin is a roughhouse boy. He has sensory needs that cause him to seek out contact with other bodies.( It's been difficult to deal with lately. Ivy and Odin have still not really calmed down from the holidays. ) Odin loves the color yellow. He loves to read and write and draw diagrams. He loves numbers, order and routine. He is sensitive and hates noise and sudden movements. His anxiety rules a lot of his day. Some days are easier then others. His favorite obsession lately is Spongebob again. Cat in the hat isn't his favorite anymore. Or blues clues. I watch my kids grow up as their obsessions and special interests change. It's sometimes bittersweet to see a favorite theme or object change and see them move away from it.

Persephone is my firecracker. She is boob obsessed and has an armpit fetish. I'm not kidding! She wants to smell both of them, then kiss them and hug them. Sometimes I wonder why I get dressed around her at all. She's always under my shirt. She loves princessss and My Little Ponys. I wish I could have given her my collection as a child. Being the youngest I think she gets beat up a bit more. So she's learned to stand up for herself. Her and Odin are always tangled with legs and arms everywhere. I love her though, she's got spunk that's for sure.

I sit back sometimes and listen to my children talk to each other. They have real relationships with each other and it's fascinating to watch. I grew up an only child so this is all new to me. Parenting really does make you reflect on your life quite a bit.