Sunday, July 17, 2005

Its Finally Real!

Last night, I felt the baby move for the first time! Just a jab, but it was definitely it. I wouldn't ever forget what that feels like. For the first time its starting to sink in. I'm going to have THREE kids! Considering when I was little I always said I'd have twelve, I guess three isn't so bad. Still another month and 1/2 left until we find out whether or not this child will have clothes to wear, or shall be forced to go naked in the dead of winter. We have plenty of pink, but we'll have to do some serious shopping if its a boy! Not that fundamentally there is anything wrong with a boy in pink, but I'd like to be able to buy cute things for my first little boy just as I did with my girls. As of right now, I've bought nothing. Not even one thing. I figure I don't really need to until I find out the sex. My best friend already got me a ton of organic hemp prefolds and liners from Freecycle. She even got a few wool soakers! And the other day she surprised me with a new boppy pillow! (which is very good, because my daughter refuses to let anyone use "her pillow")

The past week we've been pretty busy. Visiting, cook outs, swimming, and rearranging the livingroom around. I've also been on a cooking binge the past few weeks. I seem to only get this way when I'm pregnant too. (my poor husband)

I've been thinking a lot about my spirituality, and I really need to get back into doing my daily devotions. Even my alter has been neglected lately. Oddly enough, I made a new tarot bag just last week and when I went to read my cards they all told me, "Yo! Pay attention to your alter!" Ooops. I guess in the blur of life I've been forgetting to slow down and remember the simple things. In all honesty, I've been in so much pain that once I sit down ..I'm down for the day. So any relaxing I do isn't done til after I'm tired. Is it any wonder I've been neglecting my alter? I try to space out the chores, and give myself little breaks, but I find they make it harder to get things done. Just the act of sitting down and standing back up hurts my hips and back something fierce. The chiro is still working with me on it. I had to forgo paying my cell phone bill this month in order to get the fish oil capsules she wanted me too though. Someday insurance will pay for "supplements", but until then.. my pain relief comes out of the bill money. Not that I really care much. No one calls me on it anyway. And the phone is a piece of shit. Seriously. The phone is almost a 200 dollar phone and yet for some reason, I can hear people..but they can't hear me. Its ridiculous. I'm afraid to even try to call anyone because its stupid to stand there screaming, "hello!!!??" and they just hear dead air.

Enough bitching for now. Wow. This entry started off on a positive note, what the hell happened? LOL I'm tired, and my headache is coming back.. so I'm gonna scoot off to bed. Night night.